Knockavoe Pupils Learn of Indian Culture


Bobby Rao prepares some Indian food for Year eight and nine pupils at Knockavoe School and Resource Centre, Strabane, with Sonya McGill, Jennifer Maybin, Louise Crawford and Wendy Scullion, RC2034 

As part of learning about local and global citizenship, Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils of Knockavoe School are learning about community comunity celebrations. Bobby Rao, development officer of SECA, has been giving multi-sensory lessons to Knockavoe pupils about Diwali and Indian culture. Pupils have listened to Indian music, tasted Indian food and learned some Indian dancing.

“It is very important, as part of the revised curriculum, that our pupils learn to work and think of others in our community. Knockavoe pupils have enjoyed the interactive way Bobby has done this,” said Julie Murphy, acting principal.

SECA wins Best Float @ St Patrick's Day Parade 2011

Strabane Ethnic Community Association won The Best Float at St Patricks Day Parade in Strabane 2011.

SECA Youth along with local community children took part in the Parade, the children who took part were dresses in Indian costumes and provided a display of Bollywood Dance, taught by SECA Chairperson Daljeet Guram.

The Trophy was presented by Fr. Boland who was one of the judges. 


Pictured below are members of SECA on their own float.


SECA team up with Strabane Fire and Rescue

Strabane’s Fire and Rescue community team recently visited up to 300 homes in Strabane and the Glebe, in a bid to raise awareness about fire hazards in the home. Local officers worked closely with SECA as they visited occupants from the community’s ethnic minorities, advising them on potential fire hazards and safety in the home. A number of fire alarms were also fitted free of charge during the one-day initiative. While the scheme has been operational for two years, there is still very little awareness of it in the region. The recent effort by local fire safety officers follows a fire in a house occupied by members of the local ethnic community over a month ago – an incident which Richard Mortimore, Strabane’s crew commander, stressed could have been easily avoided with a fire alarm.

file0019web.jpgVice-chairperson Damien Preiable with Richard Mortimore and the fire safety team

Describing the initative as ‘very successful’, chairman of SECA, Bobby Rao, said it also generated interest among local residents. “There were a few local people there who didn’t know about the hazards and safety and they were asking about it”, he said. “It was a great success.” Mr Mortimore added: “It was a very, very successful event. We were recieved with open arms by the community and we got good feedback from the community. A lot of other people asked us about it and we have taken names and addresses which will be followed up.”

Mr Mortimore has called for more awareness of the potentially life-saving visits, which are free of charge to the public. Anyone interested in this service can call the Home Fire Safety Unit on 92600477 to make an appointment.

SECA presents Interfaith Calendar to Strabane Council Chairman

Chairman Jarlath McNulty has united with SECA to support the 2009 Interfaith Calendar. The calendar represents fourteen religious communities; American Indian, Anglican, Bahai, Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Mormonism, Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism.


Diya Guram and other SECA members presenting Jarlath McNulty with an Interfaith Calendar.

Speaking after being presented with the calendar by Bobby Rao, Mr McNulty said:
This calendar is a valuable tool to raise awareness of the different religious communities evident in today’s multicultural society. It is extremely informative and has the potential to promote mutual respect among cultural, racial and religious communities. I trust that this calendar is widely distributed and I do hope that it instills in all readers, an appreciation of the diversity within our society and an acknowledgement that this diversity can be society’s greatest strength.”