Polish Night in Strabane


Kieran McGuire, SDC Chairman, sampling Polish food on offer during SECA’s Polish night in St Pat’s Hall, with Bobby Rao, Damien and secretary Agnieszka.


Bartosz Thiede and Piotr Wisniewski playing piano and guitar repecitively.


A group of Polish children getting their faces painted by Rosie during the Polish night at St Pat’s hall, organised by SECA.

The event was organised by Agnieszka Sakowska, and she started the night off with a welcome message to those attending. Food was prepared by Katazyna Trecka & Agnieszka Sikorq, very unusual for the locals but was well-recieved. Locals were introduced to some new Polish words, such as ‘Sniadanie’, ‘Obiad’ & ‘Kolacja’ meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively.

The food and performers were well-recieved and a good time was had by all who attended this SECA event.