Concerned About Suicide

On the 9th April Strabane Ethnic Community Association organised an evening to raise awareness about the issues surrounding suicide at Alley Theatre. Chairman of SECA Dr. Nari Babu welcomed every one. It was well attended with a mixture of ethnic and local people and few families who lost their loved ones, which was very informative and heart moving. The three speakers were excellent.
  SECA representatives with guests.
Barry Mc Gale of Western Health & Social Trust said when someone dies by suicide many people are affected such as families’ friends and work colleagues.
It is important to communicate and address with the concerned person or people and never take things lightly. It’s a mental block, we should try and move the block to a different area to help but all too often no one knows where to turn to for information and support. (Barry has distributed information leaflet contact number.)
Reverend Noel presenting Barry Mc Gale with a memento.
Speaker Ann McGarrigle from Suicide Support Group who lost her son to suicide said coming here to talk and sharing her experience as a mother to bring hope and belonging to the people who lost their love ones and not to shy away from seeking help.

Vin McCullagh, playwright of ‘Why am I?’, spoke about his true story of attempts to deal with manic depression, mental illness and his personal battle in dealing with the threat of suicide. Vin offers a unique insight into the battle against mental illness which is now increasingly being diagnosed and openly discussed in society today.
SECA Chairman Dr Nari Babu presenting Ann McGarrigle with a memento.
Bobby Rao, SECA development officer, thanked the three speakers and said they were excellent in giving courage and strength to people who think it’s a stigma when they lose their loved ones to suicide.
If you need any help or support, call:

Ann McGarrigle – 02871278709 OR 07738057129

Barry McGale – 02871865127