Cross Border Football Match

A Cross Border Football Match was organized by SECA in conjunction with the One Race Foundation, Donegal Town. The match brought together members of the Polish community in Strabane and members of the One Race Foundation from countries such as Uganda, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Malaysia and Sudan.

After an exciting match resulting in a 3-1 win by the SECA team, both teams relaxed over dinner which was followed by a presentation to the winning team. The event was funded through a Small Grants Programme administered by the Communities in Contact project (CIC).

DSD Funding for the North West Tops £6Million

Neighbourhood Renewal funding for organisations in the North West has now topped £6 million.

The funding has been delivered by the Department for Social Development’s North West Development Office. It includes a total of £960,000 awarded over the past two months to 27 local organisations providing key services to some of the most deprived communities.

Groups who have recently received or been offered funding include: Rosemount Resource Centre (£66,000), Waterside Area Partnership (£123,000), Creggan Country Park Enterprises (£32,000), Greater Shantallow Community Arts (£80,000), Strabane Ethnic Community Association (£28,000) and Roe Valley Women’s Network (£21,000).

Social Development Minister David Hanson MP said: “The milestone of £6millon in Neighbourhood Renewal in the North West demonstrates the Government’s commitment to make a difference to the lives of people living in the most deprived areas. It is a fine example of what can be achieved by people working together to tackle disadvantage in their communities.”

Source: Department for Social Development